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We are very proud to present our sustainable toothbrushes – the Algae Toothbrush and the Spruce Toothbrush. 


The solution and innovation lies in the products materials, ie the Swedish-grown brown algae and spruce, which partly replaces oil-based plastic and reduces the use of nonrenewable resources.


The toothbrushes are produced in Sweden and the raw materials used, algae and spruce, are left over products from the swedish timber and food industry.


Both products are characterized by a greener life cycle, high functionality and attractive design. 


Interested in becoming a reseller or would like to know more? Please get in contact with Mikaela Arvidsson, CEO and founder:

About us

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Signed by Mika was founded by Mikaela Arvidsson in 2016 and Elhiin Wieselblad joined 2017. We work with product development and our aim is to use the latest research within polymer technology to create sustainable, functional and beautiful every day objects.


Our passion is design and we like to quote Mies Van Der Rohe “God is in the details”.


By studying household products, normally produced in a traditional oil based plastic, to see if we can make them as functional in a bio-based material, we think that we can contribute to a more sustainable planet.


Our first sustinable toothbrushes were produced in 2020 with funding from the Swedish Innovation Agency.


We are very proud to be the world’s first producer of a toothbrush partly made of algea!

Guess what we're up to?

We are proad to tell you about the collaboration we have had with The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm at the first part of 2019. During a visit at the chemist's lab we had the opportunity to try a new recipe for a bio-based material. This material will be used in our future products. 

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